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WE LOVE TOTALLY AWESOME FILMS!!!  This site is for the fan who also loves awesome films.  Jon Chung watches, reviews, and rates MOVIES from James Bond films, Woody Allen Films, Alfred Hitchcock films, Martin Scorsese films, Batman films, Superman films, Star Wars and Star Trek film.   He watches every TOTALLY AWESOME FILM from the 80's, 90's, and today!  He watches martial arts films, science fictions films, comedies, sword and sorcery films, and horror films.  He provides film trivia, production notes, critical reception, and how the film did at the box-office. 

4. Steel (1997)

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The more you're a fan of the comic book character Steel (like I am), the more this movie will make you sad.  They took an amazing character with an ultra high concept and stripped away all that was interesting about him, like the red cape, the Superman logo on his chest, and the flying.  Despite the presence of Shaq in his prime, this movie plays like one the poorer episodes of the 1970's ABC Afterschool Special.