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WE LOVE TOTALLY AWESOME FILMS!!!  This site is for the fan who also loves awesome films.  Jon Chung watches, reviews, and rates MOVIES from James Bond films, Woody Allen Films, Alfred Hitchcock films, Martin Scorsese films, Batman films, Superman films, Star Wars and Star Trek film.   He watches every TOTALLY AWESOME FILM from the 80's, 90's, and today!  He watches martial arts films, science fictions films, comedies, sword and sorcery films, and horror films.  He provides film trivia, production notes, critical reception, and how the film did at the box-office. 

2. Batman and Robin (1997)

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I imagine director Joel Shumaker, while filming this movie and hearing Arnold say the line, "What killed the dinosaurs?  The ice age."  laughing out loud and saying, "Man, we have comedy gold!"  No, Mr Shumaker, you do not!  This film has become synonymous with "Hollywood excess".  This could have easily been in the top spot, but made it runner up simply because on some bad movie level, it is more watchable than my #1 movie.  Plus, it paved the way for Christopher Nolan.